・Technical Program List

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・Schedule and Floor Guidance ( Advance Program )

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・Technical Digest

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Instructions for the presentation

    •   Invited presentation:
 Presentation 25 min.
 / Discussions 5 min.

    •   Contributed oral presentation: 
Presentation 12 min.
 / Discussions 3 min.

    •   Poster presentation:
 The size of a poster board is
 Height:210cm x 

Invited Speakers

To be updated in the near future

Free Event for Hologram Exposure

We will hold an event of exposure experience of hologram in this conference so as to spread around its fascination, targeting at general visitors in addition to conference participants.
Recorded hologram could be brought with you after the exposure event. We look forward to your participation.

23th Thu. – 24th Fri.  Nov., 2017
10 am - 4 pm for each date
・Conference room 403 in Plaza Verde, Numazu
Free for participation of  this event

* Charge is required for an international workshop


Holographic Exposure Recording Experience Guide

( Download PDF )



無料体験案内(Japanese version)

( PDF ダウンロード )

For application, kindly send an e-mail; iwh2017@i-w-holography.org

Hands-On Event of Microsoft HoloLens

Experience of HoloLens from Microsoft is scheduled on 22 November.


  ・22 Wed. Nov., 2017

  ・10:00 am – 4:30 pm
  ・Conference room 403 in Plaza Verde, Numazu

We look forward to your participation.

IWH2017 Banquet Schedule

・17:00  End of program for Nov.22
17:15  Transfer by bus
17:45  Arrive at “View-O” at the Numazu Port
  ( http://www.city.numazu.shizuoka.jp/kankou/sisetu/byuo/ )

View-O was established in order to prevent Tsunami, which is lighten up during night-time.

  ( http://www.numazu-deepsea.com/ )

(18:50) Toast in front of the “Coelacanth”
19:00  Dinner at “Hamayaki Shinchan”(Seafood Grill)
  ( http://www.minato83.com/store_guide.html )

You would be satisfied with seafood grilled on a stove from the Numazu Port !

21:00  End of Banquet (Transfer by bus)
              Breakup in front of the Plaza Verde