IWH2021 / Paper Submission


The workshop is composed of a variety of sessions including keynotes, invited talks, contributed papers and poster sessions (with 3min short oral presentation).  From the contributed  papers, some of them will be upgraded to the invited talks. Official  language of the workshop is English. (All talks will be online)


Authors are cordially invited to contribute papers related to holographic memories, display, digital holography, and related technologies.

Summary paper must be written in English and follow these guidelines:


1. Limit the length of the summary paper to 2 (two) pages, including figures, tables, results, discussion, and references.

2. Include the entire summary within a 17 cm. × 22 cm. rectangular area for offset reproduction on A4-size paper.


3. Center the title of the paper at the top of the page. It should be typed in capital bold letters. Below give the names of the authors, and on the next line the affiliation and address. Skip two lines and start the text. The text must be single-spaced. All letters should be no smaller than 11 point.


4. A template is available. (click next button to download the template.)


5. Save the summary paper in Portable Document Format (as a .pdf file).


6. "Please submit it via Google Form" (click next button).

*Before submitting, please login to your Google account.

*Fill in the blanks in “IWH 2021/Paper Submission Form” and submit "your summary paper( .pdf )".

From here, you can submit your summary paper as well as fill out the submission form.

If you do not have a Google account, you can fill out the submission form here, and then submit "your summary paper( .pdf )" via the following email address.

Send your paper from this address :

iwh_paper@i-w-holography.org  (only for submission)

 <Submission via E-mail> alternative

If you have any problems with submitting a paper from Google Forms, please submit the documents by email. Download “Paper Submission Form (click next button)” and submit "your summary paper(.pdf)" attached to this ”Paper Submission Form” by E-mail to the address below :

  iwh_paper@i-w-holography.org  (only for submission)

 The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31, but we will allow submissions until Feb. 28, 2022.

Postdeadline Paper Submission "

Deadline:  Jan. 31  ⇒ Feb. 28, 2022

* If you have any questions on the submission of your paper, please contact,  iwh@i-w-holography.org

7. Abstracts will be selected on the basis of their originality and the significance of the results. In addition, their importance to the workshop will be considered, and hence review, interpretive, and commentary papers are also welcome.