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Information on IWH2022

The next IWH2022 will be held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China,
which is also famous as a historic tourist city.

We look forward to your participation in IWH2022.

IWH2021 Technical Digest : 

Posted  Apr. 4, 2022.     

*A password is required to download Technical Digest.  Please contact us from the INQUIRY page.

Photo Browsing and Download :

 Updated  Mar. 16, 2022   

The poster session in IWH2021 is going to held using online virtual communication tool "oVice".
Please refer to the following site for details of the tool.

Basics Guide of “oVice” (English Site)

Help Center of “oVice” (Japanese Only)

- oVice Basics - How to Use (You Tube)

  • Apr. 4  IWH2021 Technical Digest (Protected) was posted on the program page.
  • Mar. 16  A new page for viewing and downloading photos has been added. Please click IWH2021/Photo Album button at the top of this page.
  • Mar. 10  Technical Program List and Advance Program was updated on the program page.
  • Mar. 8  Technical Program List was updated on the program page.
  • Mar. 7  Technical Program List was updated on the program page.
  • Mar. 2  Technical Program List was posted on the program page.
  • Feb. 25  There were descriptions of "On-site" in the "Registration Form", but IWH2021 will be held only on the web.  "Registration fee" is the cost of participating on the web.  We apologize for the misleading expression.
  • Feb. 20   The "PAYMENT" page for credit card payment of registration fees is now open.
  • Feb. 2   “ Postdeadline Paper Submission “  Deadline:   Jan. 31  ⇒ Feb. 28, 2022
       The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31, but we will allow submissions until Feb. 28, 2022.
  • Jan. 13   Paper submission deadline is extended ! ”  Jan. 14  ⇒ Jan. 31, 2022


  • Nov. 24   IWH 2021 web site open!
  • Nov. 12   This website will be released soon. Please wait a little bit.